Charles Lugassy is an experienced, well-read and well spoken journalist.

His verve, eloquence, and meticulous presentation make him a very appreciated master of ceremony and an excellent public speaker.

Charles Lugassy expresses himself in an articulate manner and always has an interesting and studied outlook on situations. He is endowed with the capacity to infuse originality and luster to topics that may seem lackluster at first glance. Individuals seek his company and are inclined to listen to him as he exudes good judgment and deep wisdom through his words. His presence is appreciated by many.

His advice is sought out and his opinions are deeply valued. People are interested in knowing what Charles Lugassy’s opinion is of a given situation as he displays intelligent and insightful perception of current affairs and daily matters as well.

Charles Lugassy graduated from The University of Montreal with a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences specializing in Political Science. He became a journalist for Radio-Canada International Montreal and Radio-Canada Edmonton Alberta where he worked as a parliamentary reporter. He also demonstrated his passion for journalism at the “ Voix Sepharade” newspaper, “The Radio Shalom” of Montreal, and several other newspapers as well.

He held several internship positions in the most prominent media platforms in Paris, where he mastered the art of writing and public speaking.

Charles Lugassy founded the “Immigration Experts”, his own private consulting firm, in 1986.  In order to build his company, he traveled around the world in search of businessmen who were interested in investing in Quebec through the Business Immigration program. This enabled him to meet prosperous entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world who were eager to settle and establish themselves in Quebec.

Subsequently, he was able to use his knowledge of immigration and cultivate his skills in the areas of businesses, live-in caregivers, skilled workers and sponsorships. Consequently, he expanded his firm as well as his legal and administrative team.

A few of Charles Lugassy’s most redeeming qualities are his clarity, his integrity, and his judicious advice.

Clients are always satisfied with Charles Lugassy’s ability to present- in a structured and concise way- the different options for immigration to Quebec or Canada.

At a time when countries have a tendency to close in on themselves, when protectionism is at its peak and when border isolation is the scourge of our time, Charles Lugassy offers you an alternative: OPT FOR CANADA.

The welcoming land par excellence, Canada is an open minded, tolerant and benevolent country towards its foreigners. As the rest of the world retreats, Canada encourages and welcomes the arrival of new immigrants by assisting them in their transition and fostering their integration.

Citizens of the World, Canada extends its arms to you.

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