Les Experts en Immigration

The goal of this program is to encourage and facilitate the entry of businesspeople    that are looking for new opportunities and challenges in order to foster the development of a prosperous economy in Canada.


Les Experts en Immigration

Only one application can be filed in this category. It is therefore very important to take the time to learn about the different aspects of each before submitting your application.

For each of these three categories, a medical examination as well as security and criminal check will be required from the applicants and the family members who will accompany them.


The Immigration Experts will offer you the following services:

  • Individual meetings with our best legal or immigration counselors who will advise you on the various options regarding doing business either in Canada or Quebec. Additionally, they will provide you with advice about  the required steps in order  to obtain your Canadian visa
  • Support in completing all your provincial and federal immigration forms
  • A filing service with the department of citizenship and immigration
  • Assistance in preparing for the interview with the Canadian immigration officers
  • A follow-up service for all the applications filed to immigration Quebec or immigration Canada
  • Meeting with tax professionals or accountants for your personal or corporate finances
  • Meeting with mps
  • Meeting with market development specialists and business establishment

The businesspeople program includes three categories: